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Enkipo Wedding

If you look at marriage as a journey, the starting point would be the wedding ceremony! Together we will set up the scene that you have dreamed of! No matter where you are in Greece, we will guide you through this adventure with suggestions and ideas drawing inspiration from your style and personality. At En Kipo we always plan, organise and implement while keeping elegance, beauty and current trends in mind.

Flowers, colours and fragrances are all perfectly combined in your bridal bouquet that will star in your memories and photos. The bridal bouquet reflects your personal taste and character, should be meticulously arranged and be uniquely aligned with the overall aesthetics of your wedding. It is your preferences, your style as well as the seasonal trends that will determine the composition of your bouquet.

The bride’s entrance to the church is an important and touching moment that essentially signals the beginning of the ceremony. It is the grand moment when all eyes fall upon the bride and groom and the photos can’t stop. This is why both the interior and exterior decoration of the church must set the tone and help create a uniform and integrated whole.

Whatever the vibe of your wedding, we would love to bring your ideas to life in style. You can rest assured that church decoration is one of our strongest assets.

After the ceremony you cannot wait to thank your guests for joining in your joy by treating them and leaving them with sweet memories of the day. To that end, it is important that the reception venue is a pleasant place that creates a warm and natural ambience. There are almost endless ideas for creative decoration without blowing your budget. Every decoration is unique and different from the previous one, because we understand that you wish for something special for your own wedding. Be it Crete or any other place in Greece, you would only need to share with us your vision and we will strive to make your dreams a reality by over-seeing all details of both the interior and exterior decoration. You will only have to choose the proposed package that you like best and get your planning underway.

The Welcome Table that is usually placed at the entrance of the wedding hall is a detail that adds a special touch to your wedding. It can contain sweets, the traditional sugared almonds (dragées), cold or hot drinks, snacks and flowers, offering a matching culinary and aesthetic result that will make everyone feel at home. We will suggest ideas based on your preferences and will make sure that your wedding guests are welcomed with an elegant display.

The two large candles that are traditionally used in Greek ceremonies symbolise the Pentecost tongues of fire and the descent of the Holy Spirit that gifts divine enlightenment to the newly-weds. Since the candles are an important element of the wedding ceremony, we make sure that they are embellished in the most beautiful way using flowers, branches, fabrics and colours that complement the rest of your wedding décor.

The vehicle that will transfer you to the venue of the ceremony and the reception is decorated with flowers and materials that blend with the rest of your wedding décor.

Our experience and expertise will make your vehicle decoration hassle-free and shall meet even the highest expectations.

We undertake the decoration of any other ceremony, such as the decoration of the hall for a civil ceremony or the decoration of the church for the last farewell of a loved one. We will put in our best effort to stage a ceremony of elegance and sophistication and will work hard for you to meet your expectations.

Enkipo Wedding

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