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Enkipo Wedding

Has the time come to baptise your little one and are you dreaming of a fairytale backdrop for this special day? Are you interested in a dreamy setting, or a meaningful theme for a special baptism that will remain in the memory of all your guests? We have a wealth of innovative ideas to help you see your wishes come true no matter where you are in Greece!

The moment when your little one is baptised should be magical and touching, and this is something that you definitely want to convey to all your guests. One way of doing this is through decorating the font. The variety of materials and ideas that we have available will help elevate the emotions of this unique moment and will add an additional touch of joy to this festive atmosphere.

The decoration of the church is an integral part of the baptism and will draw the attention of your guests, especially the younger ones. Why not let us guide you through the decoration of both the interior and the exterior of the church? We will add just the right touches that will create a fairytale-like atmosphere. You can imagine your little angel as the star and you as co-stars in a dreamy setting that your guests will remember for years.

Pamper your guests with thoughtful touches such as a welcome table laden with candies, sweets and drinks. What a great way to greet your friends and family! The treats on the table will also be complemented by the unique decoration that will suit the overall mood, theme and colours of your baptism. We guarantee memorable decoration ideas that will delight your loved ones and prepare them for what is waiting for them inside the reception hall.

This is the special place you have picked to celebrate the occasion with your guests and create unforgettable memories. The venue is therefore worth adorning with vibrant floral arrangements and centre pieces matching the theme, colours and the floral décor you might have already selected. You will be surprised to find out how the colour and floral scents have the power to beautify and enhance the atmosphere of joy, love and optimism.

Enkipo Wedding

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