With our many-years’ experience in the field, we are proud to be able to plan and decorate all kinds of events and create a perfect result that will leave you and your guests satisfied. Whether it is a conference, an opening ceremony or any other social function, no matter how challenging it may be, we’re here to help you add a unique and personal touch!

Enkipo Wedding

Corporate Events

A business event, whether it is a conference, a meeting or a promotion, is undoubtedly a means to enhance your company’s name and reach. For this reason, a beautiful and positive environment will empower your goals and promote your products or services. We are in a position to conceptualise, plan and manage your goals and your strategy and make sure that your corporate event conveys them in style. We will monitor every single aspect of the event on time and within budget.

Opening Ceremonies

Are you planning the opening ceremony for your new business? The first impression you will leave on your guests and potential clients is an important one as it will promote and cement trustworthy and professional relationships. Draw all eyes on you in the most impressive way and captivate them all. Are you ready to steal the show? We will stand by you and help you decorate your space in a way that is just right for you and your business!

Other Events

We can undertake the decoration of any venue in Crete and throughout Greece and upon any occasion you might wish. You can rest assured that we will keep on top of every detail until we achieve a result that keeps you and your guests satisfied. It is so true that a carefully decorated venue will add a different and special touch to every single moment of yours!

Enkipo Wedding

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